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The Right Valve Selections for Your Safety Life Cycle Phases

Industrial Equipment DistributionSafety life cycle (SLC) management strategies are designed to provide a framework for protecting workers against injuries and accidents. ASCO solenoid valves and other emergency valve installations are often critical components in automated safety systems. Understanding the basic principles of the SLC as it applies to your facility is essential to promote a safe environment and reliable operations.

Choosing the Right Valves for Mission-Critical Components

Safety valves are available in a range of types and configurations. This includes emergency shutdown valves, venting mechanisms and pressure relief valves. All safety valves provide an important function within your facility.

• For example, Honeywell AC & Flame valves are often used in HVAC systems. This type of valve improves safety during gas furnace operations.

Implementing a safety instrumented system (SIS) is a practical way to manage emergency valve testing and maintenance. The systems are governed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to ensure that emergency valves are maintained and tested regularly.

The Phases of a SIS

Most SIS implementations are performed in three specific stages:

• Analysis
• Design
• Operation

The 20:20:20 rule applies to the time needed for each stage of this process and is usually expressed in the following way:

• Analysis stage usually requires 20 weeks. This stage involves risk-tolerance analysis to determine safety performance targets for your facility.
• Design stage is estimated to require about 20 months of work. During this phase, the safety valve is designed and manufactured.
• Operation stage of the SIS covers 20 years or more, during which time the valve is used as part of the overall safety process.

Choosing the right valve is critical to ensuring the best performance in the working environment.

The Valve Selection Process

Working with a qualified industrial equipment distribution company helps determine if ASCO solenoid valves or other safety valves are right for a particular application. Technical firms often have the expertise needed to help you make choices for your facility.

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