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Which Fireye Flame Scanners Are Best For Your Industry?

Fireye flame scannersDepending on which industry you are in, you may have different fire detection needs. Fireye flame scanners offer a variety of different options and applications to suit your organization. To determine which scanner is best for you, you may need the advice of an industrial equipment distributor to find the best solution for you. There are 3 main types of Fireye flame scanners: UV, Infrared, and UV/Infrared. Each of these options has different pros and cons and applications.

UV Fireye Flame Scanners

UV Fireye flame scanners scan for UV radiation to detect fires. These fire sensors can initiate a quick response to gas fires, invisible hydrogen, silane, ammonia, as well as other substances. Because they sense UV rays, these scanners should be used indoors, as sunlight affects them and can cause false alarms. Some areas where UV scanners can be most effective are areas with a high risk of gas or chemical fires. For example, pain or solvent processing factories, oil refineries, warehouses, or power generation facilities.

Infrared Flame Scanners

If a UV flame scanner doesn’t suit your needs, talk to your industrial equipment distribution company about other options. For example, infrared flame scanners may be better for you. Infrared scanners scan for heat readings from fires and solve the sensitivity problems of UV scanners that cause false alarms. Because they detect infrared information from fires, they aren’t affected by the sun, arc welding, or electrical sparks. You can use this option both indoors and outdoors to detect flames. Businesses like welding shops can benefit from these Fireye flame scanners, as they won’t create false alarms due to welding sparks as UV scanners would.

Combined UV and Infrared Scanners

Another flame scanner option is combined UV and Infrared. These sensors scan for both UV and infrared inputs to detect fires. You can use these scanners both indoors and outdoors and are less prone to false alarms than the above options. This is because this type of scanner requires both UV and infrared readings that are indicative of flames. Therefore, they are less likely to go off unnecessarily. Aircraft hangers, petrochemical plants, onshore oil and gas installation, and several other industries can benefit from these Fireye flame scanners.

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