ALL-TEST PRO Professional System 5™



De-Energized MCA™ Diagnostics & PDM System

The ALL-TEST PRO Professional System 5™ combines the analytical and trending power of the hand-held ALL-TEST PRO 5™ and ALL-TEST PRO 31™ tools with the advanced analysis and motor management capabilities of the MCA PRO™ enterprise software. This comprehensive package will greatly improve plant productivity and reduce operating costs, with a low investment for a rapid ROI.

  • Rotor Compensated Winding Test – Know within a few minutes if the rotor position is influencing the stator winding measurements
  • Immediately know if the motor shaft is turning without actually having to observe the motor shaft
  • Excellent for testing driven loads that sometimes freewheel when not running, such as fans, pumps, etc.
  • Measures EMI so you know if there is energy bleeding into the de-energized installed motor you are testing
  • MCA PRO™ software supports the testing of AC and DC motors of all types, as well as coils, transformers and even single-phase motors. Enterprise version available for advanced functionality.

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