The AT33 IND™ instrument is the PERFECT TOOL for troubleshooting, inspection of incoming or stored motors before installation or repair and shows the complete condition of the Stator Windings, the Rotor, Contamination, Ground Fault and Connections.

This instrument presents an exciting break-through in de-energized testing. Within minutes the operator can get a complete picture of the condition of the motor without having to stress-test the windings or use other more expensive or elaborate instruments, which can be difficult to operate and analyze captured data with.

No need to carry along hard to read user manuals. How to proceed is shown step by step on the screen and virtually anybody who can read can do the testing and understand the results.

Two tests in one. The instrument can be used in two modes: Static and Dynamic. Both quickly collect data in the auto mode and there is no need to operate a lot of difficult to understand buttons.

Optional AT33 IND™ Software available. Instrument can quickly upload test data and compile reports. The data can also be further analyzed by a technician and compared to prior data of the same motor; or motor of the same model to create a history of any problems and solutions. (Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese)

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