The perfect tool for trouble shooting, start-up & quality control of AC/DC electric motors, Generators or Transformers.

The hand-held ALL-TEST PRO 31 (AT31) is an excellent trouble-shooting tool that will test a wide variety of motors and transformers. The AT31 will find winding faults such as turn to turn and coil to coil, along with grounded windings. The rotor test helps you detect rotor problems such as broken rotor bars and eccentricity.

The AT31 will measure impedance (Z), phase angle (Fi), current/frequency response (I/F), insulation to ground resistance (500V or 1000V and measure to 500 meg-ohm), will perform a quick pass/fail rotor test (by turning the motor shaft), and will measure EMI.

Measurement results can be entered into our optional Condition Calculator software. The software will perform an unbalance calculation and report back on the condition of the winding, plus will allow the results to be stored and printed. However, the software does not perform data trending.

AT31 testing range is dependent upon motor, transformer, or generator design, but the AT31 has successfully tested AC motors of hundreds of horsepower in size.

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