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Product Feature of the Month: HOTSTART Engine Preheaters

HOTSTART Engine PreheaterHOTSTART engine preheaters are a valuable addition to your equipment maintenance toolkit. These devices are used during cold weather to warm engines, allowing them to function properly without an extended idling period. HOTSTART products are designed to make it easier to start your vehicles and equipment and to extend the life of these valuable items. Your industrial equipment distributor can provide you with more information about the benefits of HOTSTART engine preheaters.

Types of HOTSTART Heating Systems

HOTSTART offers a number of different configurations for their preheater lineup. These tank-style heaters are available in small, medium and large sizes. They can also be customized to provide configurations suitable for Class I, Group D use. This makes them an ideal choice for hazardous locations. Voltages and wattages range from 120 to 575 volts and 500 to 5000 watts. This makes it much easier to establish a warm environment for engines and equipment. A warm environment can reduce wear and tear on the equipment during the start-up process.

Benefits of HOTSTART Engine Preheaters

The most important benefit of an engine preheater is the ability to start vehicles and equipment in even the coldest weather conditions. This can be critical to your success and productivity during severe winter weather. Other benefits of these systems include the following:

  • Reduced idling time will help to conserve fuel and to reduce pollution. Conservation allows your company to maintain green-friendly practices for your equipment.
  • Less time idling can also promote greater productivity and reduce the security risks associated with leaving vehicles running in one location.
  • Warming up your engine before attempting to start it will reduce the strain on key components. This keeps your equipment running at peak efficiency for many years to come.

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