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Pro-Face LT4000 – Paperless Chart Recorder Application

The Proface LT4000 HMI+Control product (5.7” or 3.5” Screen) has standard Analog and Discrete Inputs and Outputs for a wide range of transmitters and transducers such as T/C and RTD’s as well as programmable Voltage and Current inputs (4-20mA or 0-10Vdc). The HMI development software (GP-ProEX) allows you to program the LT4000 as a Paperless Chart Recorder to plot the inputs with any color, store them into a CSV and also program alarms on the Discrete I/O’s as well. The LT4000 Unit can be expanded to increase the number of Analog Inputs by adding the “LT-Back Unit” and connecting it directly to the Main LT4000 Unit through the standard Ethernet or Modbus interfaces.

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