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LT4000M Proface


Profane HMI Screens

LT4000M is a flexible operator interface plus control. The combination of HMI plus PLC saves panel space, wiring work and programming time. The easy 22mm modular mounting and separation cables offer location options never before possible. All Pro-Face screens have Class 1 Div II rating.

Looking for a factory gateway device? Use the LT4000M Rear Module to collect data from several different networks that use muliple protocals and then relay the data to any PC. With Pro-face’s extensive connectivity options, it’s just that easy!

The LT4000M Rear Module can also be paired with the Pro-face Remote HMI expanding its capabilities even further.

Pro-Face LT4000 – Paperless Chart Recorder Application

The Proface LT4000 HMI+Control product (5.7” or 3.5” Screen) has standard Analog and Discrete Inputs and Outputs for a wide range of transmitters and transducers such as T/C and RTD’s as well as programmable Voltage and Current inputs (4-20mA or 0-10Vdc). The HMI development software (GP-ProEX) allows you to program the LT4000 as a Paperless Chart Recorder to plot the inputs with any color, store them into a CSV and also program alarms on the Discrete I/O’s as well. The LT4000 Unit can be expanded to increase the number of Analog Inputs by adding the “LT-Back Unit” and connecting it directly to the Main LT4000 Unit through the standard Ethernet or Modbus interfaces.

profane lt4000


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