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Making Tough Stuff Simple

Let’s say you’re an engineer—an electrical engineer—and you’ve been assigned this new project. On this project, you’ve got some DC UPS systems, UPS being uninterruptable power supply. You can have emergency lighting, telecom, fire horn, a nav aid; there are all kinds of DC systems, especially on some of these rigs. On the compressor stations—we do a lot of the compressor stations from Midstream— they have this thing called a lube oil pump.

It’s very important that the lube oil pump runs, but it only runs when the thing is shutting down. You want to make sure that it runs because if it doesn’t and you’re shutting down, then the compressor comes apart, and a compressor is a $30 million piece of equipment. You don’t want that to happen, so you want to make sure that your DC is there and it’s running.

I’ve had engineers come to me and state simply, “I spent exactly two days in DC while I was in EE school.” Okay, I’m your guy. Call me, because I can lead you down the primrose path of what you’re going to need and how to design your system. I can lay it all out for you and make it simple.

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