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New Orleans – Currier & Roser, Inc.

The Best Products for New Orleans Industrial Enterprises

Also known as the Big Easy, New Orleans is a major port city on the Gulf Coast and is responsible for a healthy portion of the refining and petrochemical production in the state of Louisiana. The vibrant industrial sector of the New Orleans economy is a large part of the reason it was chosen as an expansion location for the Industrial Equipment Company of Houston, Inc. Our company is a leading industrial equipment distributor for Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas and can provide you with access to a wide range of products that might otherwise not be available to your company.

The Right Tools for Your Industrial Implementation

The Industrial Equipment Company of Houston, Inc. offers a wide array of industrial equipment and parts to keep your company operational and productive. Some of our most popular products include ASCO solenoid valves, HotStart diesel engine block heaters for easier starts, Fireye flame scanners and Honeywell flame scanner parts for combustion chambers, CRI circuit breakers and Honeywell HVAC parts and components. We work with you to determine the most practical options for your industrial implementation and offer cost-effective parts and equipment for refineries, power plants, manufacturing facilities, food and pharmaceutical enterprises and many other industries in the New Orleans area.

The Best Customer Service for Your Company 

We have more than 80 years of experience in providing the best industrial grade supplies and parts for our customers. We work with you to ensure that you receive the right products at the right time for your business. Call us today toll-free at 1-800-275-3181 or at our New Orleans office at 504-734-1147. You can also use our convenient webform or email us at sales@indeco-tx.com. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your New Orleans based business with the best products in the industry.

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