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Key Valve Types in the Oil and Gas Industry

Valves are essential components in the manufacturing and industrial environment. Different valves range from ASCO solenoid valves that operate using electrical current, to ball valves that control the flow of gases and liquids through pipes and conduits. These devices play an important role in the regular operations of your facilities. It’s important to understand the most common types of valves and how they are used in modern oil and gas processing activities.

Control Valves

Control valve assemblies are designed specifically to provide added control over the pressure and flow rates in processing plants. Rather than simply opening or closing, these valves can narrow or widen to allow gases and liquids to flow more quickly or more slowly. Automatic control valves are essential components in the oil and gas processing industry. These valves can reduce the amount of labor required in these facilities.

Ball Valves

Ball valves are designed to provide shutoff capabilities for liquids and gases. During normal operation, these valves remain fully open to allow these materials to flow easily. By turning the valve handle one-quarter turn, however, the valve is fully closed. This can prevent fluids and gases from passing through the valve. It is usually more cost-effective to replace simple ball valves through your local industrial equipment distribution company than to repair these components.

Vacuum Relief Valves

Vacuum relief valves are sometimes referred to as specialty breather valves. These valves are used to release excess pressure or vacuum conditions inside tanks. If this pressure is not released in a timely way, tanks could potentially rupture or leak. This could create additional risks for your employees in the working environment. Regular inspections of your vacuum relief valves can prevent accidents and interruptions to your company’s regular operations.

Pressure Seal Valves

Another valve that plays an important role in ensuring safety in your facilities is the pressure seal valve. These valves offer a unique advantage for your processing operation because the seals tighten as the pressure increases. This can prevent unwanted venting and leaks. Using high-quality pressure seals can ensure the highest degree of safety in your working environments. Inspecting these valves regularly is essential to promote greater safety in your oil and gas refinery.

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