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HOTSTART Engine Preheaters Prevent Engine Cold Start Issues

HOTSTART engine preheatersEngine cold starts can cause a lot of unwanted consequences. That’s why HOTSTART engine preheaters can come in handy for your diesel vehicles. They can not only help your fleet start better in cool temperatures, but also save you from many expenses caused by cold starts. To ensure you are getting the right preheaters for your vehicles, talk to your industrial equipment distributor about your engine preheating needs.

Why Is Cold Starting Bad?

Starting engines in cold temperatures can cause unnecessary wear on your diesel engines. Additionally, cold starts can increase idle time and reduce your fuel efficiency. Therefore, it makes sense to preheat your engine in cool weather.

Engine preheating in any weather can also help your diesel particulate filters function better. This results in better emissions for your vehicles. For these reasons, using HOTSTART engine preheaters can benefit your diesels in a lot of ways.

How Do HOTSTART Engine Preheaters Help?

HOTSTART engine preheaters help an engine get to operating temperature more quickly during cold starts. This can reduce wear, idle time, and fuel costs for your diesel fleet. It helps prevent drivers from operating their engines at the wrong temperatures, which can save you money in service calls. HOTSTART engine preheaters can help you avoid high costs for downtime, fuel, and repairs.

Preheating the engine can also help seal piston rings because the oil is warmer. Additionally, drivers can enjoy the benefit of quicker cab heating and window defrosting. However, engine preheaters aren’t just for cold climates. Since they can help your DPF’s, you may be able to replace these filters less often. Since these filters tend to run in the thousands of dollars, you can save a lot of expenditures by installing HOTSTART engine preheaters. Overall, preheating is just a good idea when it comes to diesel engines. They can be a cost-efficient solution to cold starts, service calls, DPFs, and more.

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