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Honeywell AC & Flame – Understanding Burner Management and Flame Safeguards

Honeywell AC & FlameThe burner management and safety systems available from Honeywell AC & Flame are designed specifically to help manage risks associated with power boilers and recovery boiler systems. These burner controls are used to control the start-up, operation and shutdown processes of a boiler system. Understanding these systems will allow you to maintain greater safety on your worksites and in your facilities.

The Basics of Burner Management Systems

Burners generally use flammable liquids or gases as the fuel for their combustion systems. Your Honeywell AC & Flame or Fireye burner management system is designed to monitor and manage gas-fired burners and consists of a few basic components:

  • A flame detector is used to sense whether a flame is present and to relay this information to a control system.
  • The controller is a microprocessor that manages all phases of the combustion process and controls the valves, igniters and burners.
  • As its name suggests, the igniter is used to light the fuel and to begin combustion inside the boiler system.
  • The burner is the area in which fuel, oxygen and a spark are combined to create heat energy.
  • Valves are needed to manage the flow of oil, gas or other fuel and to shut down the delivery of fuel when required.

These components work together to produce heat energy and to provide protection for workers and facilities. Some of the most important functions performed by burner management systems include the following:

  • Regulating the amount of fuel that enters the boiler system to be transformed into heat energy
  • Preventing the system from starting up when unsafe conditions exist
  • Ensuring the right timing and sequencing for burner ignition, operation and shutdown
  • Providing flame monitoring functionality to ensure the safest and most practical solutions for boiler operation
  • Establishing flame safeguards that continuously monitor fuel-burning systems and verify that all components of the system are functioning as expected and as needed

A modern and functioning flame monitoring and burner management system is essential to promote better energy efficiency and to create a safe working environment. Working with a company that sells and distributes these systems will often allow you to choose the right options for your company and its ongoing needs.

At the Industrial Equipment Company of Houston, Inc., we offer HotStart engine preheaters, Honeywell AC & Flame burner management systems and many other items. This equipment can help you manage risks and maintain productivity in your facilities and on your worksites. Call our industrial equipment distribution company today at 1-800-275-3181 to schedule a consultation or to place an order with us. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


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