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Fireye Flame Scanners & Fume Hoods

Fume hoods perform a necessary job – keeping your personnel safe. In the lab, it’s especially important to detect fires early, as they can easily become uncontrollable. Therefore, find the right Fireye flame scanners for your fume hoods to better protect your facilities and your employees.

What Are Fireye Flame Scanners?

Fireye flame scanners detect fire through ultraviolet and infrared readings. These devices are different from traditional heat and smoke detectors, as they can discover fires and explosions before they give off enough smoke or heat to trip other types of fire detection devices. Additionally, flame sensors can also provide valuable information about changes in flame size, temperature, and stability.

These small sensors play a vital role in fire safety and suppression for a wide variety of industries. The right Fireye flame scanners can detect flames quickly, which is essential to preventing property damage, injuries, and loss of life. Fast flame detection typically means less burning time and longer for you to take action regarding a fire.

How do Flame Sensors Work in a Fume Hood?

An important piece of equipment for your laboratory is a fume hood. Fume hoods help protect your facility and personnel from chemical contamination and fire hazards. Depending on your hood, your Fireye flame scanners may sound an alarm or initiate fire suppression systems to extinguish flames. Therefore, for the best outcomes, you need state-of-the-art flame scanners to prevent costly interruptions due to false alarms.

Generally, you should use either UV or UV/IR Fireye flame scanners for your laboratory. Additionally, choose a flame detector with high sensitivity and short reaction time to help ensure the safety of your personnel. Once you have chosen the right flame scanner for your lab, you will also need to place it in an area where it will be most effective. Avoid placing your flame scanner directly in the air flow from your fume hood. Also, it’s best to mount your flame sensor to the ceiling of the laboratory. This can help your Fireye flame scanners perform their necessary duty faster and more accurately. With these tips and with the best scanners for your situation, you can better protect your property and personnel from devastating laboratory fires.

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