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The Industrial Equipment Company of Houston, Inc. is a leading industrial equipment distributor with deep roots in the Gulf Coast area. We have been serving manufacturers and processing plants in our area since 1936. If you need industrial equipment for your factory, chemical plant or manufacturing facility, our team of experts can provide you with the most practical solutions for your needs.

The Right Answers for Your Industrial Implementation

At Industrial Equipment Company of Houston, Inc., we serve clients in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Our clients include companies in a wide range of industries:

We are continually working to increase the scope of our inventory and the manufacturers we represent, allowing you to enjoy the greatest degree of choice when obtaining your industrial grade suppliesand parts from us.

Top-Quality Parts from Top Manufacturers

We can provide HotStart engine block heaters, Fireye flame scanners, Honeywell flame scanner parts, ASCO solenoid valves and HVAC parts by Honeywell and other leading manufacturers. The Industrial Equipment Company of Houston, Inc. works as an established and trusted distributor for these manufacturers and many other companies that do not sell direct to the public. By working with our company, you can access the most comprehensive selection of products for optimizing your workflows and ensuring the greatest productivity in the manufacturing field.

If you need more information on the extensive lineup of products offered by our company, contact us by email at sales@indeco-tx.com to receive a prompt reply. You can also reach us directly at 713-928-3181 or toll free at 1-800-275-3181. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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