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Customer Loyalty

We were established by three gentlemen who worked in the business 50 years—so they stayed with the company. They had the relationships; they kept the relationships with everyone. They didn’t stay with the company until it crashed. They stayed with the company, sold it to people they knew that could run the company, and we continued that. We have sales staff that go above and beyond. I have one salesman who had a customer that actually moved from the company that he worked at to a company that didn’t even have an account open with us. He called his salesman on a Sunday morning and said, “I’m desperate. Can you help me out?”

It was Sunday morning; it was difficult to get in touch with people, so he called me. I looked on our system and saw we had what the customer needed. I said “I’ll meet you at the office.” So we all three met up here. I was able to get the paperwork done for him. He pulled the product for him and we had a happy customer. We since opened an account with this new company and they’re doing great business with us. They’re highly appreciative of the fact that we have salesmen, both inside and out—and actually, anybody who works for this company will jump up and help a customer at any point in time.

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