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Despite Power Plant Upgrades, Carbon Dioxide Emissions Continue to Rise

Industrial Equipment DistributorDespite the best efforts of the electricity industry to reduce the emissions during production, carbon dioxide emissions increased by 3.4 percent in 2018. This rise has been blamed on severe weather and increases in demand for electricity. Finding ways to lower these emissions is of critical importance for the power industry and individual manufacturers and industrial companies. Working with the right industrial equipment distributor will provide options to lower the carbon footprint of your operations.

Economic Pressures Play a Significant Role

One explanation for the increase in carbon dioxide emissions could be the resurgence in the U.S. economy. This has led to significant expansions in a wide range of industrial activities. The boom in production and manufacturing has increased the overall amount of carbon dioxide released. While individual power plants may have cut back on the carbon emissions they produce, the increase in numbers has countered that progress in recent years.

The Effect of Major Weather Events

Extreme weather events often have an impact on the ability of plants to absorb carbon dioxide, worsening the effects of climate change. Droughts typically result in fewer plants and put stress on the remaining vegetation. This limits the amount of carbon dioxide these plants can process during photosynthesis. Periods of flooding also result in disruption of the normal plant growth cycle. This often leads to a lower capacity for processing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.

Maintaining Your Facility to Reduce Emissions

Your industrial equipment distributor can provide you with the latest sensors and emissions reduction equipment to help decrease your carbon footprint substantially. Products like Fireye flame scanners offer high-integrity detection of ultraviolet emissions. These scanners help determine the efficiency of combustion processes and spot problems that could be increasing emissions.

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