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ALL-TEST PRO 33 INDTM Motor Circuit Analyzer (AT33TM) from ALL-TEST Pro, LLC (ATP)

The new patented ALL-TEST PRO 33 IND™ Motor Circuit Analyzer (AT33™) from ALL-TEST Pro, LLC (ATP) is the first in a new series of hand-held Motor Test Instruments and is available in the Industrial (IND) or in the Electric Vehicle (EV) version. The IND version is optimized to test AC induction motors with squirrel-cage rotors that operate up to 1000VAC (if your testing application includes motor operating voltages that exceed 1000V contact us at sales@indeco-tx.com for testing options). The EV version is for testing Permanent Magnet (PM) type motors and motor/generators used in hybrid and electric vehicles. Additionally, the EV version has application with testing other types of PM motors.  Contact Us for further information.

The 33 series forms the base in a complete system solution for stand-alone trouble shooting/fault localization; quality control of stored or incoming new/repaired motors; as well as data collection and trending for early fault detection when combined with the optional PC software. The ALL-TEST PRO 33 IND™ performs Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA) as a series of low voltage tests to identify faults inside an electric motor. The AT33™ detects winding contamination, stator faults such as turn-to-turn and coil-to-coil, open connections, ground faults, and broken/fractured rotor bars. Experience has proven that the ALL-TEST PRO® series of Motor Test Instruments are the most powerful and easiest to use diagnostic tools available for de-energized testing of motors in today’s industry.

The AT33™ is designed to be used as a stand-alone unit in the field or workshop, or with optional Windows based software for further analysis, reporting, trending and database. Has a built-in real time clock and large memory for storage of test and reference data. The instruments are built to exacting standards and rugged to handle the daily use in tough industrial environments. The rechargeable Lithium batteries support eight hours or more of testing and data collection*.

Watch the video if you would like some great information on the All Test-Pro de-energized motor testing technology.

* Assumes most testing is phase to phase. Performing insulation to ground testing in applications where
there are long cable runs will increase the drain on the battery. Therefore, user may not get 8 hours of
use between battery charges.
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