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All About Fireye Flame Scanners and Sensors

Fireye Flame ScannersFlame scanners are essential safety devices used to determine whether the pilot light or main flame in your combustion chambers is functioning properly. These scanners also detect flames outside of these chambers. Fireye flame scanners are considered by many experts to be the state of the art for these devices. It is important to understand how flame scanners work and why they are necessary to the proper function of your industrial heating equipment. This equipment is essential to provide protection for your property and people during operations.

The Value of Flame Scanners

Flame scanners provide added protection and early warning in industrial facilities about changes in the size, temperature and stability of flames. This includes monitoring pilot lights and combustion systems. Even small variations in the flame can be a sign of serious issues with functionality or an urgent need for equipment maintenance. This also provides added protection against fires and explosions that could threaten the safety of your workers and property.

Types of Flame Sensors and Scanners

Flame scanners are available in several different types and configurations:

  • Ultraviolet scanners are designed to detect flames and explosions. These scanners depend on the presence of ultraviolet radiation to determine if a flame is present. Because of this, they may produce false positives in some cases.
  • Infrared flame sensors work in a similar way to ultraviolet scanners by determining if specific patterns exist. They have similar issues with false positives.
  • Near-infrared and IR3 sensors also use infrared detection to determine if a flame or explosion is present. These scanners are designed to provide greater accuracy and reduce false positives.
  • Fireye flame scanners are available in discrete single burner and integrated configurations. These scanners detect a variety of flame properties to include amplitude and flicker frequency.

Flame scanners can provide information for your facility about the state of combustion inside the chamber and the potential risks of operations at every stage. An industrial equipment distribution company can provide you with the right flame scanners for your needs.

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