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Electrical, Instrumentation, Combustion & HVAC Equipment Distributor

At the Industrial Equipment Company of Houston, Inc., we specialize in providing our clients with the most advanced and practical industrial equipment solutions for your needs. We are one of the nations leading manufacturers representative and distribution companies for the process, commercial / industrial, power / energy and circuit protection markets. Our clients include companies in a wide range of industries, including the following:

80+ Year Experience

Featured Manufacturers

  • Solenoid Valves
  • Pressure Switches
  • Filter Regulators
  • Automatic and Manual Transfer
  • Switches
  • R/C Lighting Contractors

  • Burner Controls
  • Flame Scanners
  • Igniters

  • Flame Safeguard
  • Gas Valves
  • HVAC Controls

  • Engine Preheaters

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