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Welcome to Industrial Equipment Company of Houston, Inc., one of the nations leading manufacturers representative and distribution companies. Our company was founded in 1936 and still maintains the fundamental principal of providing exceptional customer service. We have five offices throughout Texas and Louisiana, and each office maintains a large inventory. Our highly trained team of project engineers, sales engineers and service technicians are eager to assist you. Please contact one of our team members with your requirements.

Acura's PowerBrick 6.0 On Board Computer

Acura's PowerBrick

PowerBrick6.0 is an Intel® Generation4 Core™ i7 system

LaMarche Manufacturing's Multi-Millionaire's Club

We did it again!

For exceeding $2,000,000 USD in total sales volume in 2014, Industrial Equipment Company has once again made the LaMarche Multi-Millionaire's Club.  Way to go team!

Hazardous Location Electric Actuator

Promation Engineering has introduced their Hazardous Location Electric Actuator.  Call us for more information 800-275-3181 or 713-928-3181.

Watch the proper way to install an ASCO solenoid valve

Watch the video below for the proper method in which an ASCO solenoid valve should be installed.  If you ever had a chattering valve or just worried that you may have an installation problem, watch this video and find out.  You can always call us for more detail.

ASCO Introduces New 364 Series 1/4" Stainless Spool Valves

ASCO Numatics Introduces 364 Series Stainless Steel Spool Valve for Oil and Gas Control Panel Applications

Introducing the Beacon360 from Lind Equipment

Light up everywhere at once.  No bulbs.  No heat.  Instant start.

The ultimate portable LED area light casts bright white light everywhere you need it.

Watch how rugged the Beacon360 is built.

Quartz Halogen Lighting Hazards

Click the icon below to download PDF editorial that will be featured in the April issue of Occupational Health and Safety Magazine about the safety hazards associated with old-style quartz halogen lighting and highlights the benefits of switching to portable LED lighting solutions such as Lind Equipment's LE970LED.

Quartz Halogen Lighting Hazards   <<< Click here to download.

How to install a Hotstart engine heater

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